The digtal library of D.A.Tsenov Academy of Economics is an electronic repostory which contains scientific works submited to the various journals of the academy. The repository also contains Master and PhD theses, papers from scientific conferences and monographic works, authored by the academic staff.

  • Analysis Of The Changes In Gross Loans And Advances And Deposits In Banks In Bulgaria 

    KANEVA, Aglika (Tsenov Publishing House, 2021)
    The article presents a trend model for the loans and advances and the deposits of banks in Bulgaria for the period 2007 – 2019. Assuming that the established trends will persist, the model was used to forecast the future ...
  • Financial Issues And Funding In The Bulgarian Beekeeping Sector 

    Lyubenov, Lyubomir; Lyubenova, Anelia; Hristakov, Ivailo (Tsenov Publishing House, 2021)
    The aim of the study is to establish the amount of funding in Bulgarian beekeeping and their trends. The goal is achived through an analysis of the tendencies and the main sources of financial means. The study analyses the ...
  • Management Accounting In Agricultural Enterprises – The Budgeting Function 

    Dimitrova, Ivanka B.; Velcheva, Yordanka (Tsenov Publishing House, 2021)
    The significance of the information created through management accounting and its limited use in the management of agricultural enterprises are the main motives for writing this article. We defend the thesis that if budgeting ...
  • Covid-19 Effects On Tax Gaps 

    Naydenov, Lyudmil; Tsenov, Dimitar (Tsenov Publishing House, 2021)
    The paper examines the issues related to the impact of COVID-19 on tax gaps in Bulgaria. The authors define the various tax gaps in terms of their theoretical, practical and technical grounds as well as unique characteristics. ...
  • On The 100th Anniversary Of The Founder Of The Odessa Scientific School Of Economic Thought A. K. Pokrytan 

    Zveryakov, Mikhail I.; Gritsenko, Andrii A.; Tarasevich, Viktor N.; Pokrytan, Pavel A.; Zhdanova, Lyudmila L.; Grimalyuk, Andrei V.; Sinyakov, Sergii V. (Tsenov Publishing House, 2021)
    The partnership between the Odessa National University of Economics and "D. A. Tsenov” Academy of Economics is an example of a successful model for adding value in the field of scientific research. With its annual scientific ...

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