The digtal library of D.A.Tsenov Academy of Economics is an electronic repostory which contains scientific works submited to the various journals of the academy. The repository also contains Master and PhD theses, papers from scientific conferences and monographic works, authored by the academic staff.

  • Tax Fraud as Security Threat 

    Petev, Boyko (Tsenov Publishing House, 2020)
    The challenges faced by the EU Member States in the fields of taxation and tax fraud are a topical issue. Its importance stems from several groups of factors, such as changes in public relations, new legislation in the ...
  • Digital Permanent Establishment 

    Dulevski, Stoycho (Tsenov Publishing House, 2020)
    The permanent establishment (PE) has always been of interest in the field of international taxes in the taxation of profits of foreign enterprises in the source state. Over the years, the PE concept has undergone a number ...
  • The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Context in an Integrated Model for the Development of Economies and Enterprises 

    Panteleeva, Iskra; Asenov, Anatoliy (Tsenov Publishing House, 2020)
    This article presents some major formulations related to innovations and the role of the entrepreneurship component for the development of economies and enterprises. The emphasis is placed on the possibilities for their ...
  • Assessment of the Fiscal Stances of the Balkan States 

    Nenkova, Presiyana; Angelov, Angel (Tsenov Publishing House, 2020)
    The research paper presents an assessment of key budgetary and socio-economic indicators to reveal the effects of the models of public finance management adopted by the countries on the Balkan Peninsula. Based on these ...
  • 75 Years Scientific Tribune For Economic Growth 

    Zahariev, Andrey (Tsenov Publishing House, 2020)
    The Economic Archive journal is a scientific economic publication which has been in print without interruption for as long as 75 years. As a scientific tribune for economic growth it has been printed permanently by Tsenov ...

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